Good Fruit Grower magazine was established in 1946 and is eagerly read by orchardists and

vineyardists worldwide. It covers the growing, packing, handling, marketing, and promotion of tree fruits (apples, pears, cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, and plums), as well as juice and wine grape production. The magazine is published 17 times a year and has subscribers in every U.S. state and 50 countries. The Good Fruit Grower is internationally renowned for its timely, accurate, and in-depth reporting on key industry issues and its outstanding presentation.



Good Fruit Grower magazine asked us to photograph their next cover featuring their Grower of the Year recipient: Rice Orchards located in Adams County, Pennsylvania. We headed out the orchard with an idea for a shot in the rows of the orchard, but when asked which type of apple tree, we were at a loss. We are photographers after all, not apple growers. After a bit of discussion they decided that they liked to be photographed in front of their most innovative apple - a new hybrid that offered the best combination of sweetness and tartness. The photos don't capture the apple's delicious taste, but we think it does capture these amazing men's pride in their work.