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Leap is serious about quantitative and qualitative research. They provide their clients with study design expertise, precise data collection proficiency, and strategic analytical skills. And they’re also experienced marketers. This combination is invaluable to clients seeking to grow their business, develop new products, or innovate their companies. Leap understands that research needs to be purposeful in order to guide complex business decisions, so their approach helps companies understand what's important, not just interesting. With their wide and varied toolbox of traditional and unconventional market research methodologies, paired with the right strategic perspective, they are able to ensure meaningful insight and results.



Leap's business was growing by leaps and bounds. And because of that, they needed a larger office space. They found a modern riverfront office in Wormleysburg, PA to setup shop, and they hired us to come capture their key team members and show off their new digs and research space. We wanted to incorporate the bright and welcoming vibe of their new space and chose to do more stylized environmental portraits to bring it in. We think we struck jus the right balance between showing off the new office and showing off the talented people that make Leap the groundbreaking company that it is.