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Lords and Ladies is a full service salon located in the heart of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Run by a husband-wife duo, they seek to make both women and men feel good about the way they look. Their philosophy is that if you look good, you feel good. Established in 2008, they are masters of their craft. They offer everything from haircuts and shaves to manicures and dyes - but more importantly they offer fresh styles and self-confidence.



Lords and Ladies Salon asked us to help them define their brand and introduce their talented staff to the public through photos that would be used on their website and social media. The owner, Mike Lawler, has never been one to fit inside the box, and he wanted the photos to reflect that, so we strove to create portraits that were inviting yet still edgy and fresh. Lords and Ladies Salon is always on the cutting edge of style so we made the portraits a bit more dramatic to accent their unique style and attract a client base that would resonate with their salon's fresh approach.