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Millstone Cellars is a father son run business with the vision of creating intriguing ciders and meads using the best local ingredients.

They have spent the last decade, experimenting and refining hard cider and mead making techniques using Old World methods. Their winery operates out of the refurbished Monkton Mill, an old, circa 1840’s grist mill, which is a perfect example of their approach to business and life.


Over several trip to Millstone Cellars, we documented their operations as well as what truly makes them a gem of the Washington DC area, their crew. The images were to be used online on their website and social media.


Our main objective was to show not just the daily process but also the relationship between agriculture and cider making as most ingredients are locally sourced. We accomplished this connection by showing millstone crew at every part of the process from farm to glass. To better connect the photos to the process itself we took a natural photo-journalistic approach and became part of the millstone crew themselves.