Based in Hummelstown, PA, Season Grounds allows its patrons to experience handcrafted teas and coffees in a friendly, neighborhood tea bar. All teas and coffees are blended in-house for a one-of-a-kind taste, and they pride themselves in the perfection of the pour over. All teas and coffees are prepared as a pour over with no syrups or artificial flavorings. The process takes some time, but trust us, it is worth the wait.


As an artisan coffee and tea house focused on the purity of the craft, we wanted create images to show what sets Season Grounds apart from their competition and let their customers see the passion they have for what they pour. We accomplished this by photographing the Season Grounds team in their cozy tea house. We worked to find a balance between a commercial style and photojournalistic approach, and the result was beautiful images that were authentic and enticing.