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UConn Magazine is the University of Connecticut’s alumni publication. It is issued twice a year, in May and November, and highlights the accomplishments of its graduates. The University of

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UConn Magazine contacted us to photograph an alumni and NFL linebacker, Danny Lansanah, who continues to give back to his hometown. Danny grew up in a rough part of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but went on to graduate from UConn in 2008 and then he got a call from the NEw York Jets. He now plays as a linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he never forgot where he came from.


The year before the call from his agent came through with an offer from the New York Jets, Danny had been serving as a counselor at Alternative Rehabilitation Communities in Harrisburg, which puts court-adjudicated youths through structured programs, from one-on-one education to group counseling. With a degree in sociology from UConn, Danny was providing support for at-risk teens who came from criminal backgrounds or suffered from drug addictions. Even though he is 1,000 miles away, Danny still makes it a point to go back and visit the teens he worked every chance he gets.


During a Jets bye week in 2014, he went back to Harrisburg and stopped by the center, and UConn Magazine contacted us to tag along and capture the experience to accompany a feature article on Danny's philanthropic efforts. We worked hard to be a fly on the wall so the readers of the magazine could feel like they were in the room with Danny doing the work he loves.